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Folk on the Farm 2013

Diolch i’r holl berfformwyr, trefnwyr, gwirfoddolwyr, staff, mynychwyr a chefnogwyr am wneud pob gŵyl Folk on the Farm yn llwyddiant ysgubol.

Dewch ar daith yn ôl i’n gwyliau blaenorol ac ail-fyw’r perfformiadau. Diolch i Peter Simmons am y fideos gwych o’r ŵyl sydd i’w gweld ar y wefan hon ac i Mike Hawkes a Lisa Hooton am y ffotograffiaeth o’r ŵyl.

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Bandiau 2013

RagTag Band
Pete Abbott
Rose Redd
Steve Blackstone Band
Wendy Arrowsmith
Joe Grocock
Mountain Oyster Band
Blue Zed
Merry Hell
Watson and Co
Bones & Mel
Galley Beggar
Watson and Co
Cowbois Celtaidd

Well Folkies, it has been a month or two since our first Festival at Tyddyn Môn on the beautiful lsle of Anglesey and judging by your very kind comments and feedback forms, you enjoyed it as much as we did putting it together for you!!!!

I would like to thank, Mr. Stephen McEnhill, MD, and my colleagues on the board of Trustees for their support. I would like to thank all the staff and the Guys and Gals for their hard work during the festival and all the Stewards who attended and equally worked very hard throughout the weekend.

A special thanks to my two fellow Hippies, Pete Simmonds and Drew Black for the organising and Emerlee, stage manager, Pete and Barbara for looking after the bands and serving the beer. To Madsound for sound and lighting, Steve Blackstone for last minute saving of Sunday's concert and Meirion, for his support and supplies from The Vaults pub in Amlwch.

Lastly, a very special thanks to all who attended and hope you will tell all your friends about Folk on the Farm, so we can have even more of you there next year!!!!!!

Yes Folks, put this date in your diary: 18-20th of JULY 2014 WILL BE THE NEXT FOLK ON THE FARM FESTIVAL!!!!!!

Drew, Simmo and myself are already planning and talking to musicians we would like to have in 2014. Please feel free to leave comments on the website as to any suggestions you have as to who you would like to see!!!!

Tickets for 2014 Folk on the Farm will be going on sale soon with "early bird" offers, watch this space!!!!

Some news I would like to tell you about, we are running folk nights in the cafe at Tyddyn Mon starting on 23d of October and we will have Mr. Michael Burns singing Dim Problem, a song he wrote about our festival, which has touched us all!!!!

Also, as I mentioned at this year's festival, Simmo has produced a three disc DVD of the whole weekend, so if you missed any of the concerts you can now have your very own copy for just £20. You can purchase from Tyddyn Mon and place your order on this website and we still have some of those collector items FotF T-Shirts at a cost of £10. Well, that's all for now but I will be posting up here as and when we book the acts, so keep checking back here for an update.

See you all in 2014 down on the Farm!!!

Jon Hippy

Festival Director