Folk on the Farm

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Folk on the Farm 2016

Thank you to all performers, organisers, volunteers, staff, attendees and supporters for making each Folk on the Farm festival a big success.

Take a trip back to our previous festivals and relive the performances. Thank you to Peter Simmonds for the fantastic festival videos shown on this website and to Mike Hawkes and Lisa Hooton for the festival photography.

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The Bands 2016

Monster Ceilidh Band
Winter Wilson
Virginia Kettle
Bo Weavil
Martin Hibbert
Moore Ross & Rutter
Full House
Hedge Gods
Katie Spencer
Edwina Hayes
Steve & Gemma
Daniel Dwyran
Gilmore & Roberts
Rag Tag Band
The Tyddyners

Jon Hippy's thoughts

See you all in 2017 down on the Farm!!!

Jon Hippy

Festival Director